July 29, 2020

Is It Safe To Visit The Dentist During COVID-19?

We understand that these are difficult times, and you may be worried that it’s not safe to come to River Walk Dental due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But we’re here to tell you that it’s completely safe to visit Dr. Sonal Naik to get the care you need in Flower Mound. Read on, and see how our team is protecting you and your family at River Walk Dental.

Pre-Appointment Patient Questionnaires 

As recommended by the CDC and other organizations, we’ve implemented a patient questionnaire that you’ll take before your consultation at River Walk Dental. 

This questionnaire asks about your recent travel, whether or not you’ve been in contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19, and if you’ve experienced any symptoms such as a dry cough or elevated temperature, which could indicate infection with this virus. 

Social Distancing At Our Office

We have taken steps to encourage proper social distancing between patients at our office, such as removing some chairs from our waiting area. We have also removed pamphlets, magazines, and other frequently-touched items.

In addition, we are doing our best to spread out patient appointments throughout the day to minimize the number of people in our office at any given time. This will help prevent patient-to-patient contact, and keep you and our team members safe.

PPE For Dental Staff

Our team members have always worn PPE like masks, eye protection, and gloves. However, we are now wearing face shields, gowns, shoe protection, and head coverings when necessary. We may look a little bit different when we’re providing you with dental treatment, but it’s for your own protection, and you’ll still get great care from Dr. Naik and our team!

Enhanced Operatory Cleaning & Sanitization

We have always adhered to CDC, OSHA and ADA guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting operatories between patients, including switching plastic barriers, sanitizing hard surfaces, disposing of used PPE, and safely storing used dental tools for proper sterilization and reprocessing.

However, we are now taking even more steps to protect you and clean our operatories, such as waiting 15 minutes between each patient to allow any airborne particles to fall to the floor, and cleaning each surface even more thoroughly.

Frequent Cleaning Of Common Surfaces In Our Office

We’re not just cleaning our operatories more thoroughly. Our team members are also taking steps to regularly sanitize and wipe down all common surfaces in the office including chairs, tables, counters, bathrooms, door knobs, and more. This ensures that there is minimal risk of spreading any infectious disease, including COVID-19. 

Get The Dental Care You Need In Flower Mound – Call Today!

At River Walk Dental, Dr. Naik and our dental team are always here to help you and your family get the preventive care you need. So don’t wait. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, at our office, just give us a call at (469) 444-8464, or contact us online if you have any questions.